Mobile Payment Processing with ARX

With over 20 years of merchant service experience, ARX is a boutique merchant firm that specializes in credit card processing and merchant services in Orlando, Florida. Offering services from in-store retail processing tools, to online Ecommerce solutions, ARX is a leader in innovative means of translation processes.


One particular mode of payment processing which is becoming even more popular for any commercial business is mobile payment processing. From small-scale businesses to large companies, ARX offers this service for your customers to be able to pay on the go in a more efficient and effective way. Their service allows you to use your smartphone, tablet (IOS or Android based) to process customer payments, with no limit on monthly card transactions. Additionally, ARX offers a secure and safe service that is PCI compliant, meaning that your customer and client’s data is secure in an encrypted process during the transactions. Further adding to the efficiency and ease of faster payment processing, you will receive a settlement to your business account from the payment within 48 hours of each payment.


Beyond the benefits of fast transactions, secure data storage, and low fees, the greatest benefits can be seen in the rapport that your company holds from clients and customers. Utilising an innovative technology in your business demonstrates that you are a key player in whatever industry your business is operating. This draws more customers in, and makes you stand out from those who are still yet to make the switch to mobile payment process. Whether you require a simple, merchant service, or more complex device for you payment process, ARX has a wide range of services available for you. Take a look at the varied services offered so that you can take your business to the next level.