Money Tips

Money Tips

Mobile Payment Processing with ARX

With over 20 years of merchant service experience, ARX is a boutique merchant firm that specializes in credit card processing and merchant services in Orlando, Florida. Offering services from in-store retail processing tools, to online Ecommerce solutions, ARX is a leader in innovative means of translation processes.


One particular mode of payment processing which is becoming even more popular for any commercial business is mobile payment processing. From small-scale businesses to large companies, ARX offers this service for your customers to be able to pay on the go in a more efficient and effective way. Their service allows you to use your smartphone, tablet (IOS or Android based) to process customer payments, with no limit on monthly card transactions. Additionally, ARX offers a secure and safe service that is PCI compliant, meaning that your customer and client’s data is secure in an encrypted process during the transactions. Further adding to the efficiency and ease of faster payment processing, you will receive a settlement to your business account from the payment within 48 hours of each payment.


Beyond the benefits of fast transactions, secure data storage, and low fees, the greatest benefits can be seen in the rapport that your company holds from clients and customers. Utilising an innovative technology in your business demonstrates that you are a key player in whatever industry your business is operating. This draws more customers in, and makes you stand out from those who are still yet to make the switch to mobile payment process. Whether you require a simple, merchant service, or more complex device for you payment process, ARX has a wide range of services available for you. Take a look at the varied services offered so that you can take your business to the next level.


Money Tips

Four Simple Budgeting Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

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Debt can be daunting for anyone to manage. The truth is, with a little bit of effort, you can turn your financial situation around using these simple tips you may not have thought of before.


  1. Keep Your Goals in Mind — Write down your financial goals (or a picture of what you’re saving up for) on a small piece of paper and tape it to the back of your credit card. Every time you get ready to use that card you’ll be reminded of your goals before you pull the trigger — and maybe you’ll decide not to splurge quite so much.
  2. Cut Back 5% — In most cases, your car loan, mortgage and automobile insurance are fixed and cannot be reduced. However, there are plenty of “variable expenses” in your budget as well — movie tickets, dinners out, that new outfit you had to have. Reduce your variable expenses by a small amount of just 5%. If you normally spend $100 a month going to the movies, you would only need to cut that down to $95! The savings add up quickly if you do this across all your variable expenses. Once you get used to that level, try to cut out another 5%.
  3. Adjust Your Financial Outlook — Did you know that by putting as little as 50 cents a day away, you can save around $200 in 12 months? If each member of the family adds his or her extra change to the jar that amount can double — the larger your family is, the more money you can save! Begin by adding the coins from your pants or pocketbook to the jar at the end of every day. All that loose change adds up pretty quick, and it’s one budgeting tip that can easily fit into any financial planner.
  4. Make Biweekly Home Loan Payments — Getting set up on a biweekly mortgage payment program is a good way to be fiscally responsible. It pays off in savings and financial security by reducing the total amount of interest you pay on your loan and speeding up the time it takes to achieve debt freedom. Instead of paying your home mortgage once a month, you’ll pay half that amount every other week. By doing this one simple step, you make 13 payments each year instead of 12. The savings can really add up fast. For example: If you have a 30-year mortgage for $272,000 at 4.5%, making biweekly payments can save you more than $37,000 and pay off your house 53 months sooner. This strategy can even be applied to other kinds of debt, such as auto loans and credit cards, multiplying your savings and speeding up loan payoffs.


Get more information about biweekly payment programs and budgeting advice at Biweekly payment programs through AutoPayPlus can help you pay down debt quicker. Withdrawals from your account every other week fit conveniently with paychecks and your monthly budget, while an extra half-payment twice a year toward principal reduces interest over the life of the loan. Please visit to learn more.

Money Tips

Tactics for Faster Home Loan Payoff

You know the deal: The more rapidly you pay back debt, the less money you’re going to pay your creditors and the more you’ll end up keeping for yourself. If you’d like to pay your loans off more quickly, you’re going to require extra funds, and a few tips and tricks — but it can be done. Thankfully, we have some terrific budget hacks for faster loan repayment, which can get you the results you’re looking for.


Rebalance your balance sheet. There are two methods to get additional elbow room in your budget for an accelerated mortgage payoff: Lower expenses and generate extra money. You definitely want to do both.


On the expense side, bundle insurances and renegotiate. If you’ve been with your insurer for some time, simply call them and say you’re unhappy with your fees. You should let them know you’re shopping for different options to get a better price. You could be amazed at how many new “discounts” they’re suddenly able to offer.


Rethink your cable bill. Do you actually need all those top-tier channels? You can stream a lot of entertainment totally free or at affordable prices over the internet. Also, stop outsourcing household chores like cleaning and garden work. Nobody enjoys doing these things. But unless you’ve got a far more financially rewarding method to devote your non-work time to, it’s time to start washing and weeding.


Produce some extra revenue to increase your resources for debt reduction. Sell all the things you don’t need anymore. Get on Ebay and list that collection of beer steins from college. You’ll find dozens of other online selling providers and auction sites:,,, and of course, the initial online classified resource, Make a few bucks on the side. Everybody has some skill that someone else will pay for. Check out and to discover the simple skills lots of people are prepared to pay someone to do — like being an online personal assistant or holiday shopper — and put those extra dollars toward quicker loan repayment.


Get your whole household involved. Everyone’s wants and needs created the problem, and you’re going to be doing your family a favor by showing all of them how to take charge and defeat household debt. Hold a family meeting to brainstorm, and enlist everyone to cut back on expenses by staying aware of energy and water usage, pitching in to perform outsourced chores and even earning a little extra cash. As an incentive, set aside some of the extra revenue you save or make to pay for a special treat like a trip to the beach.


Use a biweekly mortgage repayment calculator. This can be your roadmap to quicker debt reduction. To reach a goal, you have to see where you’re going and precisely what you have to do in order to get there. Make use of a biweekly loan calculator [link] to find how much extra you have to apply to your debts monthly for an accelerated loan payoff. Biweekly mortgage payments can not only get you out of debt a lot quicker, but also save you money on interest over the life of the loan. Experiment with the calculator to check out how additional payments will allow you to attain your objective of faster loan payoff.


AutoPayPlus will let you pay down your mortgage faster. Withdrawals out of your account every other week fit conveniently with paychecks and your monthly budget, while an extra half-payment twice a year added toward principal reduces interest over the life of the mortgage. Take a look at this site to find out more about rapid loan repayment. Find out how much time and money you can save with AutoPayPlus’ Auto Loan Calculator!