Health Tips

Health Tips

The Power Of Gratitude

There’s no denying the power that gratitude has in affecting our quality of life. With the ever present desire for finding ways to live a more fulfilling, happy and healthy life, countless studies are constantly being conducted as to what this means, and how to create it.


Simply, gratitude is an act of expressing a feeling of being thankful. This can be done in a multitude of ways – from verbal recognition to others, to self affirmations, to visualizations and meditation processes, to list writing. It is not so much how the gratitude is expressed, rather, the focus of being in that thankful energy. Mental health patients experience positive results when applying a gratitude practice of some kind in their therapies.


Some studies, in particular, have found that simply writing or thinking of lists of that which we are thankful for, even (especially!) on the most challenging days, this can help improve sleep quality. Additionally, a study which was conducted on war veterans revealed that participants who regularly took part in a gratitude practice were less inclined to long term post traumatic stress disorder.


Gratitude is for everyone, however, not limited to those who are seeking therapies. It’s all about shifting our focus from what is not going so well, or what is lacking, to what is going right. Oftentimes, when we say that ‘nothing is going right’ or ‘I have so many problems’ then, of course, this is what we will experience. There can always be something we are grateful for, even if it is as simple as our pillow, or being able to breathe. Shifting our focus from negative to positive gives us some space from the issues that may be overwhelming us enough to gain clarity in our minds and find solutions more effectively, as well as experience the benefits of the joy that comes with finding things to be thankful for. Overtime, the more you are grateful, the more you will find in your life to be grateful for.


For more advice on your overall health and wellbeing check in with a local chiropractor.

Health Tips

Skin Care For The Summer

Our skin is delicate. Just as the seasons impact on lifestyle changes with different activities and even affecting our moods, so too does our body – and skin in particular – react to the changes of seasons. Especially from winter to summer, or even spring for some of us, there are many changes in the way your skin reacts to the different temperatures and moistures of the air, so it is important to know how best to take care of your skin when the outside world changes. Here are our top tips for caring for your skin when the weather warms up:


Cleanse and Exfoliate

In warm weather, most skin types are more prone to oily-ness. Consider switching from winter suited dry skin products to an oily or normal skin care range for spring and summer. Additionally, moisturizing and cleansing won’t do nearly as much benefit for your skin if the dead, dry skin is not properly removed. It’s important to have an exfoliation ritual in your skin care regime.



For warmer months, the skin prefers a more lightweight coverage, as your pores tend to open more in heat and through sweating. The skin will naturally not be as dry as in colder climates, so using different moisturizer products, both at night and during the day, is necessary to allow the skin to breathe.



Usually hand in hand with the weather heating comes more sun and clear days where the UV radiation is more pronounced and affecting to the skin. If you know you will be spending more time outdoors, especially during the middle part of the day, always keep with you a high quality sunscreen to protect your skin. This should be a year round habit, no matter the weather. Though generally, outdoor activities become much more regular in warmer months, and thus, the need for sun protection is much more vital.


For more help with your skin, seek out the professionals:

Health Tips

Chiropractic Care Can Benefit More Than Your Spine

vitality chiroChiropractic care is provided to amend misalignments of the spine, or subluxations. These misalignments repeatedly ensue from emotional, physical, or chemical stressors that cause irritation and pressure on the nerves, affecting them to function at a level that’s les than ideal. Thus, the purpose of chiropractic care is to relieve the body of subluxation so that your body works the way it was made to.


Vitality Chiropractic values your health and wellness and wishes to assist you in the clash against back pain, neck pain, and much more. The first step of chiropractic care with Vitality is Relief Care. In Relief Care, people frequently have apparent pain or anxieties that should be acknowledged quickly. Visiting the practice two or three times every week might be essential to quench the pain and eliminate symptoms.


Nevertheless, in order to sincerely terminate the problem, the subsequent step needs to be taken and that is Corrective Care. Because Relief Care often times diminishes pain momentarily, Corrective Care is the next step to really restore, heal, and prevent symptoms from repeating.


Looking for corrective chiropractic care is the principal stage to rightly relieving your pain and even has more profits beyond that. Chiropractic care is often branded as little more than back and neck pain assistance, but the benefits run much deeper.


Chiropractic Works On More Than Your Spine


The chiropractors at Vitality have had considerable triumph when it comes to spinal and neck pain, however you may be facing more or less than that. You can get assistance with headaches, joint pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, whiplash, vertigo, infertility and much more. Don’t give up on chiropractic services yet.


Your Body Will Function The Way It Should


Corrective care is the second step tactic to accomplishing and maintaining the best health. Corrective care evaluates patients for pathology, trauma, and most prominently function. The Central Nervous System (CNS) regulates each and every one of our cells, organs, and tissues and has to be operative 100% for best results; thus chiropractors will focus on spinal curves during corrective care. This is distinctive from relief care, as only particular vertebrae are focused on. Let your body function appropriately, not just receive short-term relief.


Don’t Rely on Medication


Chiropractic tactics are natural substitutes for medications or dangerous surgeries. Overall, these techniques provide a way for your body to heal without the hazardous side effects of some medications and surgeries. Accomplish fantastic health through corrective chiropractic care, naturally and safely.

Actually Make a Difference


Halting your sessions of chiropractic care at the first stage is similar to taking an aspirin, only giving you relief temporarily and later having to deal with the issue at a later time. Positively and radically change your health through corrective care.


You’ll be given an initial consultation and from there your chiropractor will discuss specific care techniques with you. If you are seeking real change in your pain levels and health, call Vitality Chiropractic in Sioux Falls at (605) 371-3533 and request corrective care. Or you can visit the website for other provided services.