Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Limestone Surfaces

Limestone surfaces are a popular choice for renovations and improvements providing the luxurious expensive look of marble but an a more affordable old-world price. Most limestone is usually white or off-white in color with unique and naturally occurring patterns throughout the stone.

Beautiful as they are, they come with a downside that they require more care than other stone types, such as granite. This is because compositionally, limestone is more porous and sensitive to acids attack. The porosity makes it more prone than other stains and discoloration. (We once were asked to seal a brand new set of limestone stairs after removing a coffee stain… it took 6 seal applications to finally seal the stone… and each day the property manager dropped a new cup of coffee as a test.) Once sealed it usually just takes another annual application to maintain, but the first application is a doosey. Once sealed spills are easily cleaned up without staining.

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Cleaning Tips

The Finest Marble Restoration Services in Los Angeles

When it comes to keeping your house looking the best it could possibly be, you just can’t ignore your marble. You might have a house that has a small marble countertop, or you may have an office space with marble floors, and marble countertops, and marble everything. No matter the quantity, there is definitely a science that goes into preserving your marble’s color, shine, and overall flawlessness.


We try our hardest to take delicate care of our marble products, but there is always a possibility of chipping, staining, and inevitable breakdown. When that happens, we most likely begin to deliberate and weigh our choices. On the one hand, you could just forgot about the marble and let it chip away, lose its color, and simply hope nobody looks close enough. Or you could hire a knowledgeable professional to really transform your marble with a guaranteed satisfactory result.


MARBLELIFE will deliver you that assurance as the number one stone care company in Los Angeles and the nation. If your marble requires only a small touch-up or a drastic alteration, MARBLELIFE’s team of craftsmen can get the job done with extreme professionalism and care.


Before you rush to the phone to call for your free appraisal, let’s take a look at the services you’ll want to ask for.


Marble Restoration


You’ll want to consider marble restoration, if your marble has lost it’s shine, color, or overall appeal. MARBLELIFE delivers amazing marble restoration services across the city of Los Angeles—marble floor polishing and restoring more marble than anyone other competitor in the business.


After you call a qualified professional to your house or business, they will first gauge the stone’s condition with extreme detail and then suggest the best restoration approach. With MARBLELIFE’s variety of safe cleaners and tools, your marble will be looking remarkable in no time. Give your marble its color, shine, and life back!


Marble Repair


Ok, that sounds pretty cool. But maybe your marble is just as shiny as ever and doesn’t require cleaning or restoration. The only thing bothering you is a chip in your marble tile. MARBLELIFE’s marble repair can help you with that!


Switching out your entire tile can be difficult and pricey. How many people have an additional tile just lying around? And even if you ordered the exact same tile from the same company, the coloring might still not be the same. MARBLELIFE’s professionals are qualified to fix your marble, install anything new, and finally polish it to match the rest of your marble. Much less of a hassle, and most likely cheaper! And the service isn’t just for tile; MARBLELIFE can take care of any of your marble repair needs.


With more than 50 locations to choose from, more than 100 qualified professionals, and centuries of combined experience, you are sure to be pleased with the status of your home or business after your marble is serviced by MARBLELIFE. Have your marble shine bright like the stars of Hollywood.


For the best marble restoration and marble repair company in Los Angeles call MARBLELIFE at (888) 218-4616.